Elements of Evolution is more than a business.

Since her birth in 2009, she has been a platform to transform a lineage of education in Professional Organizing, Life Coaching, Feng Shui and a passion for Website Design and Project Coaching into tangible services for my clients.

In time, she became a vehicle to explore life outside the box, expanding my perspectives on what is possible in life.

Living and working as a digital nomad around the world, and now with a home base in a small earth house in a tiny Ecuadorian mountain village, I have been able to test the boundaries of “normal”. Through observing cross-cultural belief systems and experimenting with different lifestyle templates, Elements of Evolution has been the wings of my journey, facilitating life purpose work and contribution.

She was unconditionally present during my clients’ and my own personal growth and evolution, patiently reminding me to keep standing in Self, Life, and Work devoted to living of heart, anchored in love. The kind of love that holds room for us all, along with all the shadows and all the light that could be, is and was.

So here we are today, along this wild, difficult, beautiful and simply amazing life experience with our mission:

Daisha D Evans Kissel
Elements Coach

To support your aligned empowerment so that you are free to be and do you, in our world.

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with nature.”
Joseph Campbell